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However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, Underage Sex Pics include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Please send all comments to . Chapter 1 Grandfather has invited us to live with him in his home Underage Sex Pics in Denver until my territory, the farm his son gave to my mother is ready. He wants Andrew and me to stay with him until we can go safely to the farm. It will be nice to get to spend some time with him. Tim tells me that Grandfather owns a large penthouse, the upper two stories of a skyscraper in downtown Denver Colorado. Not an ideal place for a shape shifter to live. No place to hunt. The wolf will be restless but I know that I can't go back to Andrew's family farm until his family and all the shape shifters are free. If I go back now, it will just confirm our ties with his family and I don't want to draw any attention to them. They need to remain an unknown from the general public, protected and safe. Stephon will see to that. He really does care about them, more than I gave him credit for. In the morning we left our mountain sanctuary and Stephon. We left before the sun arose. Andrew and I drove the truck while Tim and Charlie drove their suburban with the 4 other vampires that were our guard, to Grandfather's penthouse in Denver. We stood at the security door underground Underage Sex Pics in the parking garage. Tim buzzed and a voice requested our name. Tim announced us and the elevator came down. Two members of my guard remained at the elevator while Tim, Charlie, Andrew, myself and two of our guard proceeded up the elevator. Two of the guards remained at the elevator doors when we emerged while the four of us proceeded down a well lit hallway to a desk at the end. A human woman in her late twenties, dressed in a business suit, greeted Tim warmly, "Timothy, so good of you to come see Lord Basil. He will be so happy to see you. Welcome Charlie we haven't seen you around lately either. It has been too long." She took Tim's hands in a warm greeting and smiled at Charlie who merely nodded at her then continued to watch, looking intently for any dangers. "Charlotte it is wonderful to see you. Is he in?" Tim smiled cautiously. "Why yes, and he is expecting you. This way please." Charlotte said, but she paused and looked very closely at me and then at Andrew. I could tell she knew we weren't human or vampire but she wasn't sure what we were. "Thank you, Charlotte." Tim said softening his tone as Charlotte led us to a large living room area with vaulted ceilings. "I'll tell him you have arrived. Please make yourselves comfortable." Charlotte said and glanced again in my direction. Andrew and I walked across the room to the loveseat. He sat beside me holding my hand to calm me. Tim sat to our left in an armchair while Charlie sat nearer the entry so she could see down the hallway to see if anyone was coming. She looked meaningfully at Tim just before I heard the footsteps approaching. Grandfather walked around the corner, his smile was large and genuine as he saw Tim, Charlie, Andrew and I waiting for him. He wore a grey pinstriped business suit with a dark blue shirt and a grey silk tie. His hair was Underage Sex Pics brown and neatly cut and combed to the side. His eyes were still the beautiful green I remembered from the ball. They saw clear through to my soul and reflected his soul clearly for all to see. I would never understand, now that I knew people who were shape shifters and vampires, how they could be thought of as soulless. All you had to do was look into their eyes and you could clearly see the soul that resides there. We all arose from our seats. "Welcome home! Oh it is so good to Underage Sex Pics see you. It has been way too many years my children, Tim and Charlie. You don't need an engraved invitation to come home and visit your father you know." Lord Basil said entering the room. Tim walked over to the man and embraced him warmly. "I have missed you both. Just because you are adults there is no reason you can't come visit." He scolded as he embraced Charlie. "Father it is so good to see you." Tim said genuinely "Hello Father." Charlie grinned at the older man warmly. "Lance, my Grandson. I am so overjoyed that you have come. I wasn't at all sure that you would. I was hopeful that you would believe me but I was doubtful. You honor me. Thank you." Grandfather took my hands and then gently pulled me into his embrace. He was always so careful like he was afraid I would shatter. His touch was cold like the touch of all the vampires I had met, but his silent heart was warm and loving. "You look so handsome." I had let Stephon dress me one last time before we left his home this morning. He was adamant that I could not wear jeans and a t-shirt. In fact all the jeans and t-shirts I had packed and taken to Stephon's were now in an incinerator somewhere. Stephon I discovered had a distinct abhorrence for all things jeans related. I wore a navy slacks and a white v-neck sweater, and around my neck hung the necklace that Andrew had given me for my birthday. My hair I had simply pulled back into a pony tail. It gave me a younger appearance but it was more my style then tuxedo get up that Grandfather had seen me in at the party. "Thank you, Grandfather. I am really glad that I could come. I am so glad that I will get to know you better and hopefully my mother and father through you as well." He let me go and reached up and put his hand on my cheek cupping my face gently. "Andrew, Grandson, Welcome. Underage Sex Pics I trust you are well." Grandfather took Andrew's hand and placed his other hand on his shoulder warmly. "I am well Grandfather. Thank you." Andrew smiled at the older vampire taking his hand with both of his. "Father, I must ask. Is Brad here?" Tim asked cautiously, a bit of ice creeping into his voice. "Why no, he is away checking on Vernon's holdings for me. He spends most of his time there these days." Both Tim and Charlie relaxed noticeably although Charlie also looked a bit disappointed. We all proceeded to return to our seats. Andrew moved back towards the loveseat and Grandfather took the chair to the right of it. This wasn't going to do for me. I needed to be in contact with my new Grandfather. I wanted to imprint him on my soul, I needed to get the feeling of him, to know him better. I was discovering this new tactile side of my self, a need to be in contact to touch the important things in my life. I smiled at Andrew who understood and watched me as I reached for both of my Grandfather's hands and pulled him gently from the chair and guided him to the loveseat with Andrew so I could sit between them. It was uncomfortably close for Andrew to be touching a vampire but he understood my need and was very patient. Grandfather was stunned by the level of my acceptance of him but I could see the joy in his eyes when I sat between them and leaned into his chest. I inhaled deeply his scent, getting to know him through my wolf's senses. He held one of my hands while Andrew held the other. "Father, much has happened since Lance appeared at the Reed farm. But the biggest mistakes were mine. First of all I should have listened to my own instincts as you always told me. I should have let you know about Lance and brought him to you as soon as I knew who he was. Secondly, I told Brad about him. That was when the attempts on Lance's life began. It is all entirely my fault. I am so sorry Father." Tim's confession upset me. "Please Tim don't feel like that. You've done so much for me. You have kept me sane when I felt like everything was coming apart literally. You have taught me so much. Please Tim. I owe you so much. You did much more good than harm." I smiled at him reassuringly. "Tim, I believe that my Grandson is championing you. I don't blame you son. I do wish you would have brought him to me right away. But at the same time, the environment at the farm may have done him much more good than I could have here. He needed to be with other shape shifters at that time, but you are here now and I am so pleased that you will all be Underage Sex Pics staying with me." Grandfather grinned happily. His eyes were shinning with the joy he felt. It was easy to read my Grandfather's eyes. It was almost as easy as looking into Andrew's eyes. If his son, Vernon had the same green eyes, I could understand how my mother could have been drawn to them. "Charlotte, can you come here please." "Yes, My Lord?" Charlotte stood in the door smiling warmly, fearlessly. "Please let the staff know that my Grandson, Lance, and his Mate, Andrew, will be staying with us. Have their suite made ready across from my own and have rooms made up for Charlie and Tim. My Grandson, his Mate and my children are welcome to any part of the house. They have come home. Be discreet Charlotte. I do not want anyone who is not in this building knowing that they are here. That will be all for now Charlotte." "Yes, My Lord." Charlotte replied and returned to the desk. "So my children, tell me how this all began. I realize that Andrew must have found you somehow in his territory, and the two of you fell in love. I know from Tim that you had a rather traumatic childhood amongst the humans. I am so sorry, had I known I would have prevented that from happening to you. I am obviously in your debt Andrew." Lord Basil said sincerely. "Thank you so much for caring for my Grandson." "I am the one who has been blessed because he accepted me. I could hardly do less for the waif that I found attempting to build a cottage from an old rundown miner's cabin in my back yard." Andrew eyed me and smiled lovingly. "What! Oh there must be a story there." Lord Basil chuckled. "That is how I met Andrew. I was a bit of a borrower then. I was surviving on what I could scrounge. I had runaway from the foster system after a rather traumatic experience. I had escaped to live on my own out in the woods. I was pretty good at it too, although I am sure I would have eventually succumbed to the winter and had to return to the foster care system if I had not transformed. I had no idea what Underage Sex Pics I was. Andrew adopted me more or less and he has been my lifesaver ever since." I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him. "He and his family drew me out of the frightened angry and snarling mistrustful creature I was, into one who has learned to tempt fate and put my trust in others. At one time I never would have been capable of it. Now after having experienced the patient love from my new family I am becoming more confident. I hold my head high and trust my instincts and of course the wolf within to guide me." "I am so glad that you are finding ways to heal your wounds. Now what are you hoping to accomplish. I know you told me at the party that there was danger and that you have set things in motion. How can I help?" Grandfather sat back looking at me studiously and put one hand on the back of the loveseat but still held one of my hands. "I have a problem with the beneficiary system Grandfather. Being raised by humans and their freedom to determine their own lives and not my own people, it all strikes me very much like slavery or at the very least treating people like they are pets. When Andrew and I discovered that we loved one another, I realized that I needed to find a way to be worthy of him." I smiled at Andrew who was sighing and rolled his eyes disgustedly. "That is hardly the case love, it is I who needs to be worthy of you and not the other way around." Andrew played with my ponytail, running the hair through his fingers. "But in the beginning it wasn't like that. I was so afraid that his benefactor would not allow me to be with him because I had no bloodlines. I didn't know who I was. We did some research and Andrew had someone looking into my past and the records that were left. They found my birth certificate with my name and my parent's names. Andrew's family took me to see Tim who has been a friend of theirs for many years. Tim recognized some of my features and as I remember, my scent, which I believe he said was similar to my Mother's." I chuckled as Lord Basil raised my hand to his nose and took a deep breath, smiling. He patted my hand gently, then pulled it to his chest, to his heart, and then let it fall back into his lap. "He is very right. You have a scent very similar to hers. I would also say that your facial structure is very like hers as are your eyes." Lord Basil said smiling, running a finger from my temple to my chin and then touching my nose. "You have your father's complexion though, I also see him in the color of your hair, and in the physical structure of your body. Your height comes from his side of the gene pool." "Tim ran some tests to verify his suspicions, that the birth certificate was genuine. Andrew and Tim both tried at length to explain the significance of my pureblood, which I completely misunderstood. When the blood tests came back and confirmed what we believed, then Tim contacted a number of vassals that had attended my Mother." I paused and looked at Tim to continue. "I contacted first Charlie and then Brad and brought them to meet Lance, over two months ago. I didn't know how to proceed and Brad said he didn't know what had become of Lord Vernon's holdings after the war, but that he would look into it. I asked him if he thought it would be wise to contact you had he advised me against it. I believed that you were very fond of Sarah, but he told me that you bore her ill will because of Lord Vernon's death. I hadn't seen you since I left Underage Sex Pics to join the fight, seeking vengeance for Lord Vernon. I knew you were against the bloodshed, but I had always thought you were fond of Sarah and would not have blamed this on her. It was all so long ago, I thought maybe you had changed, so I kept silent and did not contact you. Now seeing this reunion, I am very sorry that I didn't contact you immediately. I hope you can forgive your wayward son." Tim said regretfully. "Brad... told you not to contact me. But he is as much her vassal as either of you. Why would he do such a thing? He was on the search parties that went looking for Sarah and Henry. He knew how much I genuinely loved Sarah and how I would cherish her child. He was on the search groups that kept watch for me at the hospitals waiting for hoping for a child." Lord Basil frowned in confusion not wanting to believe what he was hearing. I squeezed Grandfather's hand gently, "Shortly after that there were two attempts on my life. The first attempt Andrew and I were able to successfully defend against ourselves. The attacker was not prepared for my increasing power as a pureblood. I had no idea what I was doing, it was all purely instinctual. The second attempt came after we were mated and after I met his Matriarch." I looked at Charlie this time. "I was present for the second attack and would not have survived if Lance had not saved my life at great risk to himself, which I will never be able to repay. I had just left them and I had gone to their cottage to check for intruders. After Tim told me about the first attempt, I had been sticking closer to them than they were aware. I had gone to check and Underage Sex Pics found three assassins, vampires waiting to ambush them. They attacked me. Andrew and Lance returned to the cottage just in time to save my life and dispatch the three attackers with ease. They are both extremely powerful. They are joined and the pureblood that flows through Lance also seems to flow in Andrew. They took me to Tim but the blades had been poisoned. I knew I was slipping away. Then Lance began cleaning my wounds in his wolf form. The saliva burned some but cleaned the poison from the wounds and allowed them to heal. He Underage Sex Pics Underage Sex Pics ingested some of the poison and we were very concerned that he would loose his own life by saving mine but he was able to over come it." Charlie shook her head and growled softly at me. "Charlie seems to feel that her life is not worth as much as mine because she is my vassal and therefore it is her honor to die for me as she has informed me, but her life is worth much more than that to me. We agree to disagree although she does so reluctantly." I giggled at her and then looked up at my Grandfather who had pulled me into his arms protectively during Charlie's story and was scowling now holding me as if I were a small child. He hugged me tighter unwilling to give in to the lighter mood I was trying t reach by teasing Charlie. "You believe that these attacks have been directed by Brad." Lord Basil growled softly to himself first looking at Tim and then Charlie. "Yes. But we have no actual proof and we Underage Sex Pics fear for his life. The guards we have assembled were all former guards of his mothers that Charlie commanded years ago. He also has guards that we have not brought along, who are members of Andrew's clan. They support him but we felt it was not a good thing to expose them just yet." Tim stated his voice getting colder and harder. "His status is free of course because there was no such thing as a benefactor when his mother and father were among us. The rest of the Fenrir family was decimated in the war that Sarah's father began. To be honest, I do not know what happened to that family's lands." Lord Basil said softly. "I am sorry child. You should have inherited your Grandmother's territory as well as the gift from Vernon. It was a very unfortunate thing that happened. Your other Grandfather, Gregory Fenrir, was not very considerate of your Mother's happiness. He was more interested in his social status which your Father Henry could gain his family. My son was not good enough for him in that respect." I saw that this caused him great pain to say and I leaned into my Grandfather's chest and rested my head against his shoulder and I squeezed his hand. I sighed and continued, "Once I understood the beneficiary system, I was determined to free Andrew. We went to see his benefactor and after some gentle persuasion he agreed to free Andrew. No blood was spilled and we are friends. You see, we believe that the attention my bloodlines could draw to the rest of his beneficiaries would not be good. My pureblood has made Andrew strong, a pureblood in his own right. That type of attention drawn to the rest of Andrew's family and to the vampire who was his benefactor could cause a lot of problems." I was unsure how detailed I should get. I looked to Tim who smiled reassuringly and took up where I left off. "Brad did me one favor before he became my enemy. He explained that the beneficiary system was not set up to benefit the shape shifters but to control them and prevent purebloods from coming back by maintaining their tainted bloodlines. Andrew's benefactor does not believe in this and although it would not be looked upon with favor, he has been strengthening the bloodlines in his care. By freeing Andrew he hopes that it will delay the scrutiny that may be focused on them. At least until Lance is recognized by the Royal family for the Prince and Ancient Pureblood Underage Sex Pics he is." Tim said slowly. "I see. Yes you are very right to be cautious. Most of our kind will fear this, especially those who weren't here when the purebloods were common. If you choose the `Right to Rule' clause in the peace treaty, to free the shape shifters so that they can pursue their own destiny as they have every right to, you will be setting yourself up for a battle. I was against the beneficiary system myself. It was never necessary. Both sides were so tired of war and vengeance that I believe peace could have been achieved with out it. I will support you child if you choose to attempt to free your people. I know of quite a few others who will also support you in this endeavor. There are still a few old dogs like myself who remember fighting alongside the Great Ancients of your species, who could do the things you can. It was through the cooperation of our species that we survived previous wars. The fact, that a father's unwillingness to accept that his daughter loved someone he didn't choose for her, has destroyed a millennia of peace between our species should not be allowed. "At one time child, our people were Underage Sex Pics inseparable. Our families lived together. The children of shape shifters and vampires grew up together as equals. Both grew up with caretakers and educators from both species and both thrived. The shape shifters taught us about nature and the way of the universe, how to preserve nature and live in harmony in your surroundings, a world in which your kind is so tightly Underage Sex Pics bound. We taught mathematics, science and physics and a love of great literature. Our kinds so complimented each other that households, like those of today where both species were separated from each other, were the rarity instead of the norm." he smiled warmly and stroked my hair. "I grew up with shape shifters in my parent's home, puling tails and ears just as the shape shifters children did. They grew up scanning the stars with my Father as I did. I remember fondly those days. I miss my shape shifter brothers and sisters who have all been destroyed by the wars or hunted down and killed. I will see to Brad, my Grandson. You don't need to fear him any longer. The number of breaths he has left to take are numbered." Grandfather stood and walked to the open door. I could tell he was preparing to leave and wasn't happy about it. He gazed at me with a longing and sadness I had only really seen in Andrew's eyes. "Grandfather, would you like me to accompany you?" "No, I would not risk your life my dearest child, just so you can keep me company. It is just that I shall miss you even though this will be a very short parting." `I would gladly accompany Grandfather, if you would like me to my love. I would like to get a claw or two into Brad myself.' Andrew thought privately to me. Wanting to make sure that I was comfortable staying here alone before he said so aloud. "Are you sure My Love? I don't like the idea of us being apart." I asked him softly. Andrew just nodded silently. I smiled back, I loved him so much. "If you take Charlie with you, then I agree, only because I feel the same." Tim, Charlie and Lord Basil looked at the two of us. "Lance... You know that the conversations you have with Andrew like this are very hard to follow." Tim chuckled. "I would like to accompany you Grandfather, to help take care of Brad." Andrew stated looking coldly at Grandfather, his rage plain in his eyes. "I have a problem with anyone who would dare to hurt Lance. It goes against the grain to not be involved in his demise." "Now that I Underage Sex Pics have found you Grandfather, I am not willing to loose you... either of you. I said looking at Andrew significantly." I told Lord Basil who was stunned, as Andrew looked to Charlie who nodded. "Will you please accompany them Charlie and protect them. I am just starting to find my family and I know that you will protect them both." Charlie fiercely smiled at me her teeth looked Underage Sex Pics sharp and dangerous. I knew she relished the chance to get Brad. His betrayal stung at her honor. "It would be my honor. Father, would it be ok with you, if I accompany you and Andrew?" Charlie tossed a leather gauntlet at Lord Basil who caught it with a puzzled frown. "My Daughter, you are always a sense of pride for me. Of course you may both come along." Lord Basil looked at me, then strapped the gauntlet onto his wrist and looked at Andrew. Andrew had waited specifically for him to turn back to us before he transformed. The quicksilver took his body and his clothes drifted to the floor unharmed as he instantly became the falcon, sitting on my knee, his talons very carefully spread to not injure me. He launched himself at my Grandfather with a single flap of his wings to land on his outstretched arm. "Now that I have missed" Lord Basil grinned. "I haven't seen a transformation like that in over 500 years." "Well you will see more of it in the near future Grandfather." I smiled warmly and threw my arms around my Grandfather, who now held my Mate perched on his arm. "Be safe Grandfather and come back soon. I still have so much to tell you." I reached over and stroked the chin and breast of my Mate. `Be careful. It will kill me if you do not return. I love you.' I thought Underage Sex Pics to Andrew. `I will be very careful. I will watch out for Grandfather and I will make sure we destroy Brad.' Andrew thought. I could hear the grown in his mind and Underage Sex Pics Underage Sex Pics I knew that he felt he had to do this. "We will not be gone more than a couple hours. Your lands are not far, but I would prefer once we have this problem taken care of, that you and Andrew would consent to living here with me. At least until we are sure of your safety." Lord Basil leaned over and hugged me gently. "You are your Mother's greatest treasure and your Father's Joy and I am so happy that you are here. I would not throw away the honor she has given me, by risking your life, even a little bit." Lord Basil stood and with Charlie and Andrew, left the penthouse to hunt my enemy. When I was sure they were out of sight and would not see, I slumped in fear and worry, putting my head between my knees to keep from passing out and further distressing Andrew. I knew the pain I was feeling as he got farther from me, was also affecting him. He knew I was worried and fearful, but I still didn't want him to see me as cowardly. Tim came over to sit beside me and took my hands. "You will know everything that happens. You will be able to see that Charlie is keeping them safe." He whispered. "I don't know what I would do with out Andrew, but I couldn't let Grandfather go alone. I just found him." The tears started to run down my face. I looked up and I could feel my eyes going stone cold as Charlotte stood behind Tim. "Yes Charlotte?" Tim asked his annoyance clear in his voice, but not taking his gaze from mine. He knew from my stiffness that she was standing behind him. I dropped my face into my hands again. "Your rooms are ready." "Are you ready for some privacy? I will stay with you if you would like." Tim said softly. "Yes I am ready for some privacy and to get a little more comfortable if possible. I would also prefer if you stayed with me Tim. Thank you. Did Charlie have our bags brought up?" I asked Tim without lifting my head. Tim looked to Charlotte. "Yes your bags have already been taken to your suites." She replied. I looked up into Tim's black eyes, took a deep breath to steady myself and nodded. We rose and I gathered up Andrew's clothes and shoes then turned to see the two large black garbed vampire guards who had been at the elevator door standing at the entry to the room. Tim turned to the first guard. "Did Charlie take the others with her?" "Yes." He responded. "We are to remain with Prince Lance." "Thank you" I said to the guard. He smiled down at me. "It is my honor to serve Your Highness." He said solemnly. I felt Charlotte's eyes pop and her mouth fall open when he addressed me. "Close your mouth Charlotte, it's not becoming." Tim teased her gently. I took Tim's arm and with the guards behind, we followed Charlotte from the living room, up a flight of stairs to the sleeping quarters. "Lord Basil's private suites are these two doors on the right. Your rooms my Lord are the Underage Sex Pics two doors on the left. Tim, your room is the third door on the left and Charlie's is right across the hall. Is there anything I can get for you? If you are hungry I can put in a request for chef to make you something to eat or drink." "Please bring up His Highness a pot of hot tea, chamomile and a couple sandwiches would also be good I think. I could also use a drink myself." Tim looked at me, asking if that was ok. I smiled reassuringly and nodded. His meal would not bother me. One of the guards walked around us and opened the door to the suite and inspected it before we proceeded into the room. Not that I suspected any traps laying in wait for us I truly felt my grandfather was sincere in his feelings for me. His eyes were clear and his soul easy to see. We went into the suite. The first room was a large sitting room with a small oak table with 4 brown padded chairs around it on one side. The other side was a sitting area with a loveseat and two overstuffed arm chairs and a coffee table in the center, in front of a large stone fireplace with a flat screen TV mounted above it. The colors were conservative, the carpet deep brown while the furniture was in muted tans and creams. The outer wall was floor to ceiling dark tinted glass so that no one could see in but the view was extraordinary. The late morning sun shining through the glass danced around the room. There was also a glass sliding door that opened out onto a balcony that was hidden from below. I had an incredible urge Underage Sex Pics to transform into my falcon and fly after my Mate and Underage Sex Pics Grandfather. Andrew told me to stay put that they were close now and that Grandfather and Charlie were sure that they would take Brad by surprise. They planned on having Grandfather go in and call on Brad like nothing was going on. Andrew would fly overhead to watch and signal Charlie when she was to come out and rip Brad to shreds. Of course he planned on getting a couple good rips in as well. Andrew chuckled in my mind, hiding his discomfort from me. He was in as much pain as I was, being Underage Sex Pics separated from me. He was floating on the thermals over the large house that had to belong to my Mother's Mate. It was a beautiful two story stone mansion. It was very stunning. I told him our cottage was nicer. He screamed with his laughter. Our cottage would always be my sanctuary. It was my first home and it was the place that I learned how to love. He had made it so and I would always love it over anywhere else. I walked into the bedroom. It was beautifully decorated in shades of deep green. The carpet was a moss green, the walls a dark emerald green and the velvet curtains that covered the floor to ceiling windows were a lovely shad of evergreen and the bed had a beautiful patchwork comforter in every shade of green known. It was beautiful and very comforting. Our trunks had been placed along the wall, one on either side of the dresser. I smiled because it reminded me of my cottage sanctuary. I looked in my trunk and sighed, no jeans to be found. I spent some time putting things away for both Andrew and myself. Hanging up clothes in the closets and putting things into the dresser. I should have known that Stephon would not see fit to include a pair of jeans. I had hoped for even a pair of designer blue jeans, but no chance of that, I signed and wondered how hard it would be to get Charlie to pick me up a pair. I put looked into the mirror and at my reflection. I shook my head at what I saw and smiled. I would never have dreamed that the Underage Sex Pics reflection was me. When I was alone I never would Underage Sex Pics have dreamed of dressing like I am now. Of course I would never have had the money for the designer clothes in the first place but even then, to dress myself up like this would have drawn attention. Now it didn't matter if I drew attention anymore. In fact it was a good thing in most cases but I would not forget the ways to be invisible. I looked at my reflection critically, I was changing. Not just my way of thinking, but physically my appearance wasn't as hard as it use to be, my lines were softer more rounded. Along my jaw line and the angles of my face were becoming softer. My shoulders were just as broad as always, my stomach just as flat, legs just as Underage Sex Pics long but it was an odd feeling to notice a difference in your own reflection. I had been in the bedroom for quite a while. Tim was being kind leaving me to my own thoughts for awhile. I knew Andrew was doing ok with Grandfather in the limo discussing strategies. Getting more and more depressed, I left the bedroom in time to see Tim having a tray placed on the small table and escorting the maid from the room. He then took a seat at the table and sipped his meal from a smoked glass goblet. I was glad that the cook had the sense not to put his meal in a clear glass, although I guess if I was going to live with vampires, I would need to get use to their meals. They put up with mine good-naturedly enough. "How are they doing?" Tim asked having seen my far away eyes. He motioned for me to have a seat at the table. I smiled and joined him. He poured me a cup of tea and I nursed it, sipping carefully at the hot liquid. It tasted good and relaxed me. When Andrew and I were separated it caused us both physical pain, it felt like my chest was being cut open and the strings that tied my heart to Andrews were begin stretched to the limits. I closed my eyes took a deep breath and gave Tim the play by play as related to me by Andrew. "He was getting Underage Sex Pics excited now they had Underage Sex Pics slowed and let him take to the air, where he would be of most use as a lookout. Grandfather had just driven into the courtyard of the house. He had seen Charlie leap from the limo as it had gone around the corner just entering the courtyard. The guards had run to the estate having gotten out of the limo when Andrew had taken to the sky a couple miles back. Charlie and the Underage Sex Pics guards spread out and were systematically taking out the exterior guards. We didn't know how many of these people would remain faithful to Lord Basil and how many would support Brad. Andrew tucked his wings slightly and dropped in elevation staying over the house, hidden from the sight of anyone stepping out the door. Andrew could see Charlie and the guards moving through the shadows. The guards of the house were all dead, out of the way. Lord Basil Underage Sex Pics sent his driver into the house for Brad and had started walking slowly towards the barns just down the road. His intention seemed to have worked. Two men came running from the house immediately towards Grandfather followed by many others at a distance. But none of them was Brad. Andrew plummeted from the Underage Sex Pics sky behind Grandfather and transformed into the white tiger in midair. His front paws touching the ground silently to stand directly on Grandfather's right, a bit in front of him protectively. Charlie had come out of the trees and was standing on his left also a bit in front of Grandfather. I could see his chagrin at being in the center of their protective circle as the rest of my guard came out to flank them on both sides. As the vampires from the house approached, Andrew roared and most stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the white tiger. Grandfather put a hand on Andrew and one on Charlie's shoulder. He stepped between them and approached his children. "I'm sorry Father, but Brad isn't here. He left about an hour Underage Sex Pics ago. He didn't tell anyone where he was going. He just took the young boy, a fosterling he got from one of the other Lords, I don't know which one, and left." The man appeared to be a butler wearing a suit coat with tails. "I was here Father when he left. He had a bag for the boy and that was it. He didn't say where they were going. I am sorry Father. We would have asked him to stay if we had known you needed to see him." "It is ok my children." Lord Basil was infuriated. Somehow Brad knew that they were coming and had run. Grandfather took charge immediately ordered the staff assembled. He advised them that Brad had committed a great betrayal against the family. He advised them that a representative of the main household would be coming soon to take stock and reorganize the house if necessary. This representative was to be obeyed without question. There were many bowed heads and nodded assents. I didn't know if this was because they felt guilty or because they were being respectful. No one was allowed to leave the premises and a detachment of guards from Grandfathers house was taking over to make sure no one left. There were gasps as Underage Sex Pics Andrew transformed from tiger to falcon and launched into the air, circled and landed on Grandfather's outstretched arm. It was over just that quick. Brad had escaped. I felt tears filling my eyes. It was frustration that Brad had escaped, but it was also relief, they were on their way back and no one had gotten hurt. Grandfather, Andrew perched on Grandfather's arm, and Charlie got back into the limousine with our guard and was heading back to the penthouse. Brad was still out there and he wanted me dead, probably even more so now that Grandfather knew everything. "It could be coincidence." Tim frowned and shook his head. I could tell he didn't really believe that. Someone close to us was still working against us. It upset me, who around me was lying and betraying me, but didn't really surprise me. Someone around me had always worked against us. It had to be someone within Grandfather's home who he was not aware of. "It has to be someone here Tim. Someone in this house is working for Brad against Grandfather, but who?" I wiped my eyes and struggled to remain calm. "It would have to be someone very naive because I have seen what Grandfather is capable of over the centuries and I would not risk his wrath for anything." Tim literally trembled at the thought. "I am sure that Grandfather will have Underage Sex Pics thought the same way. He will ferret them out. Don't worry we'll take care of it." Tim reached over and took my hand and squeezed it gently. "Thank you Tim. You know I was serious earlier. I don't know what I would do without any of you. You are all very important to me." "You will never have to find out because we will all be here for you and it is all going to be fine. We will do this as peacefully as possible." I hoped Tim was right. "You know he really does think of you as his Grandson." Tim smiled at me, "Welcome to the family. I really do owe you an apology. If I had brought you here straight away as it was my first inclination you would have been so much safer." "Everything happens for a reason Tim. I truly believe that now. If things had not progressed as they have, then who knows what would have happened. I would have been alone and Brad may have killed me. This way, I have Andrew. Charlie is my friend. You are my friend. I have a Grandfather who seems to have accepted me despite the fact that he could just as easily hate the ground I walk on because my mother caused the death of his son." I hung my head at the prospect of the kind man who was still holding his arm as a perch for my Mate in the limousine. Grandfather was telling Andrew what a marvel Underage Sex Pics it was to see the transformation between falcon to tiger and Andrew was jeering his laughter. "I'm sorry if my hesitation has given you concern to doubt my Father. It was very wrong of me. Father is nothing if not truly sincere about his feelings. He wears them on his sleeve. He has for centuries. His wife, Lady Ilianna, is always after him to learn to control that part of his nature, but it is a major part of who he is. It's why Brad doesn't have a chance. Father instantly trusts. He isn't stupid about it, but he won't distrust you until you have given him reason too. I should have realized that he would never blame your Mother for loving his son. He would say, `How could I blame her for doing the same as I. I love my son, he is a beautiful person.'" Tim chuckled and smiled. "Thank You Tim. I guess my pessimism of people's nature will take some time for me to get past. In a way I guess I am the opposite of Grandfather. He instantly trusts until someone proves unworthy and I distrust until someone proves that Underage Sex Pics they are worthy of my trust. You my friend, I can honestly say have earned my trust time and again. I count myself lucky indeed to be part of your family." I smiled warmly at Tim. He continued to sip his drink. My tea was cool enough to drink so I sat back and enjoyed it with the knowledge that Andrew was on his way back to me. I heard Grandfather tell Charlie to open the window. "Andrew, you can get to him faster if you fly. I know it is causing you both pain to be separated this early in your relationship. Thank you for accompanying us on this nasty deed. Now do not hold yourself back on our account. We will talk more when we arrive. Go to him now my Son." Grandfather said. Andrew bobbed his head and clucked. He hopped carefully to Charlie's leg as they opened the window and Grandfather had the driver stop the car. Andrew bobbed his head at Charlie who smiled down at him. "Good job partner." Charlie smiled showing her fangs to Andrew. He clucked his head jeering slightly with laughter. Then he was on the wing flying as fast as his wings would take him towards the penthouse. "Andrew is on the wing. He will be here in about 5 minutes. Grandfather let him out of the car because he knows the separation causes both of us physical pain. We are too recently mated for us to be comfortably apart." I told Tim as I stood and crossed to the glass door. I opened the door and the screen so Andrew could fly straight into the room. "I was not aware that your mating still had the two of you so connected, to the point where it causes pain." Tim said I could tell that he was curious. I chuckled a bit at his curiosity. "Of course I am intruding, I am sorry." He looked a bit ashamed and bashful for questioning such an intimate condition. "No, it is Ok Tim. It is a little different for us than for most. Because of the strength of the pureblood, we are connected tighter. We can completely experience everything each other does at all times. I know every thought that has ever passed through Andrew's head. The memories aren't quite as clear as if they were my own, and I can only see them through his eyes with his perspective and interpretation at the time. He has every thought and memory of mine as well and I believe that he has the same difficulty, only seeing it as I did at the time. It's like being one person, one soul but in two bodies with two minds that think at the same time. It is hard for us physically to be apart. We can do it and there is no lessening of the connection Underage Sex Pics because of distance, but it feels like someone is physically trying to stretch you beyond your limits from the heart. Right now there is physical pain in my chest like someone is taking and knife and trying to remove my heart with a dull blade. It is getting better, and I'm having an easier time breathing because I can feel him getting closer. According to what Andrew's Father remembers of the purebloods, we may be joined mentally for life but that it should become easier to be apart with time. I'm not sure that if that is true or not. It doesn't feel like it. Maybe we will just become accustomed to the pain." I sighed with relief as Andrew flew through the open doorway to land on the back of my chair and press his face against mine. "I'll give the two of you some privacy. If you need me I will be just down the hall." Tim excused himself smiling as Andrew transformed. He was stood behind me as I sat in the chair, bent over and wrapped his arms around me. I don't remember Tim actually leaving but I noticed a little later that he was gone. "I've missed you so much" I sighed standing so I could wrap my arms around him too. It felt like my heart was back where it belonged in my chest. It was swelling with love for Andrew. "I've missed you too my love." Andrew stroked my hair and nuzzled my neck. We stood putting ourselves back together in each others arms for a few minutes. Till we were both breathing normally, but our hearts racing for an entirely different reason. "They should be here before too long. Our trunks, bless Underage Sex Pics Stephon, are in the bedroom. I'm sure that Grandfather will want to see us when he arrives. I said reluctantly." I followed Andrew to the bedroom and sat on the bed while he chose something to wear. He found a pair of tailored black Underage Sex Pics slacks and a red sweater. He looked so dashing it took my breath away. His sky blue eyes shone brightly in contrast with the red sweater. He came over and sat behind me and put his hands on my shoulders trying to rub the tension from them. I sat stiffly rigid. I felt like I hadn't relaxed since we had left the cottage. "Relax Love. I'm here. We are fine, better than fine actually. We may not have gotten Brad but we know who the root of our problem is and we will take care of it." He rubbed my arms and pulled me back against his chest. He wrapped his left arm around my waist and put his head on my shoulder by my ear, his right arm wrapped around me but reached up and stroked my hair and my face very softly. I started to tremble uncontrollably, my arms holding his left arm around my waist and leaning back into his chest. The stress of everything that had happened since we left the cottage came at me all at once as I finally relaxed. I felt like I had been holding my breath waiting for a catastrophe for days. Andrew tightened his hold on me and began to gently rock back and forth slowly murmuring in my ear that all was going to be fine, as if I was a small child. "It seems like I'm in a dream and any moment I'm going to wake up and everything will fall apart again." I closed my eyes, comforted me, reassuring me that all was going to be ok. He didn't say anything now he just let me feel it through our link. I felt his never ending love and assurance that it was all real and nothing could separate us. "You know your Grandfather seems to really understand us. He may know more about what we should expect from ourselves than we ourselves know. I really like him." Andrew sighed into my hair as he felt the stress melting away as I began to relax. He began nibbling on my ear, Underage Sex Pics slowly licking the outer edge as he nuzzled my neck. "You really think we can trust him." I asked unsure but so wanting to believe in my Grandfather. "Yes, I think so. He seems to be genuinely fond and very protective of you my Love." Andrew whispered into my ear. It sent shivers through my body for a totally different reason and he chuckled softly. "Dangerous... you are just as dangerous as I am." I thought pointedly at him. He chucked and his warm breath brushed past my ear sending shivers down my back. "I so want to believe in him Andrew. Tim is adamant that the fault is his that he should have brought me right away when he figured out who I was. That he should have known his Father would only want the best for me." It felt good admitting to Andrew that my problem with trust was rearing its ugly head. I felt better admitting it to him and voicing my fears. "Give him a chance Love. So far he has only acted in your best interests." Andrew nibbled at my neck and electric shivers ran down my spine, his hands began to wander over my body. His thumbs stroked my nipples through my shirt and his other hand stroking my member beneath my pants. I softly moaned breathlessly. "Don't start anything you can't finish. Grandfather will be here soon I reminded him." Andrew growled softly and bit my neck in irritation then got up and went to the sitting room, grabbing one of the sandwiches from the platter on the table then returned to the bed trying to distract himself. He saw me gazing sadly at my trunk. "No jeans." Andrew chuckled. "Nope, not one pair." I shook my head sadly. "Stephon has an aversion to jeans, even designer jeans." Andrew laughed. Growling impatiently Andrew wrapped his arms around me again and nibbled my neck. "You taste so much better than the sandwiches. I'm sorry love, I can't wait any longer. We haven't made love since the cottage and I need you. My heart is pulled to tight. I need to be joined to you. I want to feel you, be inside you. Please Love." Andrew begged his hands already opening my pants and slipping inside to my already hardening member. "Well I guess they will just have to wait won't they." I sighed and turned my face to Andrews and his lips locked down on my own in a passionate need filled kiss. Andrew's hands were busy stripping my pants and underwear from my body and pushed me back onto the bed. I sighed as Andrew's hands slipped beneath my sweater and pushed it up and over my head, his mouth latching onto one of my taunt nipples. His tongue caressing me sending shivers up and down my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck Underage Sex Pics as his hands stroked my face and down my body. My legs wrapped around his waist as he moved down my body. He soon had my legs up over his shoulders and his mouth was wrapped around my member. I cried out as his fingers slipped inside, stretching my opening, getting me ready for him. "You are so tight Lance. I don't want to hurt you but I don't know how long I can hold back." Andrew moaned as I felt his fingers moving frantically to open me up. "I need you too." I moaned my voice crying out, wanting him deep inside of me. "So tight." Andrew moaned then his mouth was at my ass instead of his fingers, his tongue was sucking and licking at my opening wetting me and sliding his fingers inside at the same time. I moaned as his fingers slid in deeply and his tongue caressed the tight ring relaxing it with each wiggle of the tip of his tongue. "No more... I can't... No... I want to..." I panted and moaned clawing at Andrew, reaching for him. "What do you want?" Andrew asked chuckling, his tongue making wet rings and biting my thigh, I squealed and moaned, arching and my hips thrusting involuntarily into his hands. "More... I need you... inside." I pleaded. Andrew positioned himself between my open legs and cleanly and deeply thrust inside. We both cried out as he pounded into my depths." Panting we both clutched at each other. "Are you ok? I'm all in." Andrew moaned holding tightly to my hips. "I'm ok." I said, the pain was tolerable because I could feel him inside me caressing me deeply. It felt so good to have him inside me. "I'm sorry, I couldn't wait anymore. Should I move?" Andrew moaned and panted. "You're so tight... try to relax more." "Ok... Yes move..." I panted and as he began to move I moaned and thrust my hips in time with his motions meeting his thrusts. The waves of passion flowed through us together as we moved. "I can't take much more... gonna cum..." I moaned clutching at Andrew's shoulders my fingernails digging into his shoulders. "Yes, I'm ... me too... Underage Sex Pics Now Lance!" Andrew thrust deeply inside me and flooded my insides with his warm wet essence while mine flowed between our stomachs making both of us sticky. Andrew collapsed on top of me, rolling slightly to the right. "Don't move. Stay with me for awhile yet." I moaned, clenching my muscles to hold him inside me even as he slid limply from me. "I'm sorry." Andrew whispered and stroked my hair and gently kissed my lips. "It's ok. I just like feeling connected to you physically and even spent I like the feeling of you being inside me." I caressed his face. "I love you so much." "I love you too. I'll remember that. I like the feeling of being inside you too, so if I move more carefully, we may be able to stay joined longer." Andrew chuckled and snuggled me against him. We snuggled a little longer enjoying the moment of peace in each other's arms. I was looking forward to tonight when we could spend the night making love over and over. With a sigh, I looked into Andrew's eyes. This will have to be enough for now. I rose slowly and gingerly from the bed and took Underage Sex Pics Andrew's hand. We took a quick shower, got dressed and moving through the sitting room to the door of the suite. My guard watched us as we emerged into the hallway. "Where is Tim?" I flushed red and wondered how much he had heard. "He is in his room, two doors down on the right, Your Highness. He advised me to come for him if you ask after him." "Thank you, will you please let him know that we are returning to the main living room downstairs to wait for my Grandfather and Charlie." I smiled at the guard. "Yes Your Highness." He answered sharply and waited for us to proceed in front of him down the hallway. I frowned a little. I was not ready to be addressed as `Your Highness' especially as the Royals hadn't acknowledged me yet. Prince I may be by blood but not by title ... not yet at least. "Please, can't you just call me Lance?" I asked the guard uncomfortably as Andrew snickered behind me. "The best I can do is Lord Lance." The guard looked at me like I had given him a gift by letting him address me as less than Prince and by the more familiar Lord Lance. "Fine, that is better at least, I guess." I sighed and headed down the hall and then down the stairs. Andrew snorted and laughed behind me all the way to the living area. He found my discomfort with being a prince amusing because he thought I was so much more beautiful than a prince. "Just wait till they start calling you Prince Andrew." I mumbled and felt his mortification at the thought. "Not so funny now is it." We entered the living room and Charlotte was immediately there. "Is there anything I can get you Lord Lance, Lord Andrew?" She hadn't seen him come into the house and she was clearly upset not knowing how he had gotten into the house past her. "No Charlotte we are fine." I said to her. She looked pointedly at Andrew and refused to leave the room. Andrew and I sat down in the loveseat we had occupied earlier. Andrew pulled me against his chest and ignored Charlotte, playing with my still wet hair as he did upon every opportunity. I could feel his fascination with its silky texture as it slipped through his fingers. I tried to focus back on Charlotte, she hadn't moved, in fact she was almost glaring at Andrew. Tim came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. He smiled at her discomfiture with understanding when he saw Andrew. "Charlotte, Andrew can fly. He doesn't need the elevator to get into the penthouse." He pushed past her into the room and placed a hand on Andrew's shoulder. "Good to see you Andrew." Tim smiled. Andrew chuckled, "Yes everything went very smoothly but unfortunately we didn't catch up with Brad." But his eyes narrowed as he saw Tim stiffen slightly as Charlotte stayed where she was. Tim took a seat in an armchair. Tim looked significantly at Charlotte who had not left the room yet, raising one eyebrow, but narrowing his eyes significantly, dismissively. Tim would not say more with Charlotte hanging around. Clearly there was no love lost between Tim and Charlotte although I was sure that their greeting earlier was warm enough. Tim stared at her pointedly and she Underage Sex Pics glared back at him without fear, as if he had no power to dismiss her and was no threat. He looked at me and tipped his head to one side slightly, half smiled, and he pointedly flashed his eyes quickly in Charlotte's direction and grinned wickedly at me. The silent conversation was much to fast for human eyes to have seen although she knew he was up to something. I slowly turned to her and raised my chin significantly "Is there something Underage Sex Pics I can help you with Charlotte?" I asked her coolly, narrowing my eyes significantly. The wolf was clearly in my eyes, not that she could see it, but she was in tune with danger enough living amongst vampires that her instincts would Underage Sex Pics Underage Sex Pics warn her of the danger. She clearly did not like my presents in what she considered her territory. Her human blood told her I was dangerous. Unfortunately for her, it was my territory now and my wolf was not going to put up with a human trying to keep it from me, especially as Tim had clearly given me the go ahead to put her in her place. "No, uh... Thank you Lord Lance." She stuttered and gave Tim an ugly look and then left the room. "Thank you, for a human surrounded by vampires, she should be afraid of, she can be very nosey." Tim exhaled exaggeratedly. I laughed at his relief. "She should have more respect than she does." We all three heard the doors on the elevator ping and open. Grandfather and Charlie had returned with the rest of the guard. Grandfather beamed when he saw us waiting for him. "Hello my Grandson!" he came almost dancing into the room. He Underage Sex Pics moved so swiftly to my chair and Underage Sex Pics was on one knee before me sweeping me into his arms for a hug, I barely had time to react to. I quickly wrapped my arms about him to return his embrace. He giggled at himself, and I could feel his joy. He literally picked me up out of the chair like you would a young child and swung me around in a circle spinning. I laughed as his joy spilled out around the room. He gently set me on my feet and ran a finger down the side of my face. I felt perfectly safe in his cool arms, which surprised me and yet comforted me, even as I felt Andrew's anxiety rise a bit as Grandfather spun me around, finally setting me on my feet. He held me against his side as he walked over to Underage Sex Pics where Andrew now stood in front of the loveseat and threw an arm around his shoulders. "Hello my Grandson." He squeezed Andrew's shoulders warmly. "Hello Grandfather." Andrew chuckled putting an arm around the man's waist returning his embrace. "I am glad you are back, Grandfather." I giggled still enjoying his exuberance. He laughed clearly enjoying being called Grandfather. I wondered if somewhere there was a group of old born vampires sitting around a table sipping their dinner comparing pictures of their grandchildren. "Please contact the families and ask for 3 fosterlings, 2 teenage boys for work on a farm and a young girl 10-13 who needs an education. Also contact Stephon and Quinn and invite them to the penthouse in the morning. There is an urgent matter the three of us need to discuss in private. Oh and also ask Stephon for his permission to employ 2 of his beneficiaries at the farm, a Jack and Joe Reed. When you contact Quinn, ask his permission as well to employ one of his beneficiaries at the farm, a Sam Tallman and tell him that all will be made clear when they come in the morning. That will be all for now dear." Grandfather dismissed Charlotte and moved back into the room closing the door behind him and returned to his seat beside me. I held out my hand to Andrew and he dialed the phone for me, so I could speak to Sandy. "Hi Sandy, I hope I'm not disturbing you. Well right now I am at Underage Sex Pics my Grandfather, Lord Basil's home in Denver. Yes, I'm fine. He's good too. Thank you for asking. Have you heard anything from the Royals? No, Ok, Grandfather believes that someone Underage Sex Pics is stalling on purpose. Is there any chance you could come to Denver tomorrow morning? I know it's a long journey for you. My Grandfather would like to see you and discuss the Royals. He is going to be making some inquiries and try to find out what the delay is. Yes. Do you ... Ok. Great. See you then. Thanks Sandy, you're a lifesaver ... Sure I'd be happy to." I hung up and handed the phone back to Andrew. "Sandy says she will be here in the morning. She said to give you her love and I kissed Andrew on the cheek. She said to tell you Grandfather that she has tried to inquire into the delay but no one seems to know what the delay is. It is almost as if the family doesn't have a leader. No one knows what to do. She said they seem to be floundering around blindly." "That makes no sense whatsoever. We shall see what my sources turn up. Well it sounds like tomorrow is going to be a big day. Off to your own devices then my children. I will make my inquiries. Your guests will be arriving in the morning." Grandfather gave me a hug and patted Andrew on the shoulder. Andrew and I stood up and headed for the door. Charlie stood and followed us out the door. Tim remained behind with a nod at me and a warm smile. Charlie saw us too our door and she put the guards on their duty and retired to her suite. I wondered what they did in their suites, vampires didn't sleep. My imagination ran wild and I could see Charlie sharpening her blades and Tim doing cross stitch needlework or playing a harpsichord. Andrew and I entered our suite. He was laughing hysterically at the picture in my head of Charlie and Tim. The sandwiches had been removed while we were away and Andrew's stomach growled. We were in the middle of Denver. We couldn't flit Underage Sex Pics outside and hunt. I wasn't sure what we should do. Could we order in a pizza? I stuck my head back outside my door in time to see Tim walking down the hallway towards us. "Tim", I called sheepishly around the guard who was statue still. Tim smiled and came when I called. "How Underage Sex Pics can I help you?" He treated me like a big brother with a pesky little brother that was always getting in trouble and I was starting to like it. He was more than just my good doctor now. "Tim, Andrew is hungry, is there someone Underage Sex Pics still in the kitchen...? Where is the kitchen? I figure sneaking out and flying to the edge of the city to hunt is probably not something we should be doing, or something Charlie would appreciate... Or can we call in a pizza?" I mumbled. Tim laughed and motioned me back into the room. He followed and showed me the panel on the inside of the door. Andrew stood just behind watching as well. "The red button is the emergency button. It would bring every guard in the penthouse through your door. The green button is for the kitchen. The blue button Underage Sex Pics will call Charlotte. There is kitchen staff on duty 24 hours a day. Just push the button and they will answer and ask what they can bring you. They will make anything you want any time you want it. I'm sorry, I should have showed you this earlier. More than likely when Sam, the twins and Sandy show up in the morning, Charlotte will buzz your room. You push her blue button to answer her. You can go down and see them or you can ask her to bring them here. It would probably be wiser to have her bring them here. It will be more private and keep Charlotte from eavesdropping. When they do arrive I would just tell Charlotte to let your Grandfather and the rest of us know that they are here. Grandfather will either have you come to him or he will join you." "Thank you Tim. I really appreciate everything you are doing for me." I reached up and gave him a hug. Tim chuckled softly. "You're welcome. Have a good night." He smiled over my shoulder at Andrew who was leaning against the sofa's grinning at Tim's discomfort. Tim excused himself and returned down the hall to his own rooms. I closed the door. Andrew came up quickly behind me and grabbed me around the waist, kissed me on the neck and buzzed the kitchen and ordered us both rare steaks and baked potatoes. He then made up for the time while he was away and for having to sharing me with my Grandfather and the others all day. Andrew set a fire in the stone fireplace and we watched it burn while enjoying snuggly in each others arms. It reminded me of my sanctuary and I felt the better than I had all day. "You my love are becoming very affectionate. I like it, but when you are affectionate to others Underage Sex Pics it makes me jealous." Andrew stroked my hair inhaling deeply the scent. "It seems that I have so much to be appreciative for. So many wonderful people are coming into my life. I feel like I am able to give all the affection I have been starved for all my life to all the people I have missed growing up. Even though it is all so stressful and crazy, I just feel so incredibly blessed that I can't tell everyone enough how much I appreciate them. But it is you My Love, My Angel, My Mate who makes me feel the most blessed of everyone. You still show me, teach me everyday how to trust others. I feel it in your mind and in your heart and Underage Sex Pics you give me the courage to do the same. I no longer wake up in the morning wondering if its going to be today that I am betrayed. None of it would be possible with out you." I kissed him so gently then with all the love in my heart. There was a knock at the door and a woman dressed in white brought in two covered plates. The guard escorted the woman in and watched as she took the covers off the plates, two large steaks and baked Underage Sex Pics potatoes. The guard inhaled carefully over each plate and then smiled at us and escorted the kitchen maid from the room. "What was he doing?" I asked Andrew shaking my head in amazement, because he clearly wouldn't be interested in the food. As a vampire he would have no interest in the steaks no matter how rare they were. "I'm guessing he was checking for poisons." Andrew said pointedly and then pulled me up off the sofa and led me to the table. We dug into the steaks eating our fill. I couldn't finish mine but Andrew finished it for me. They were exceptionally well done and I imagined that the cook was not a vampire, probably another human in my Grandfather's employ. When we were both full we retired to our bedroom closing the adjoining door to the suite. Both of us were exhausted from the stress of the day and found solace in each other's arms, both between the sheets and the layers of each other's mind, and the feel of our bodies entwined. I could spend my life immersed in Andrew's eyes, wrapped in his arms and never need for anything ever again.
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